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hi friends! I've moved my blog. gotta claim my name all over the internet! there are other kate noyes' coming out of the woodwork!

the new url is:

thanks so much for following me thus far, I really really appreciate it. I hope you will follow me into the future!

update your bookmarks, feedreader, whatever you got! thank you!!!



"you take your fun very seriously"

my first group show in Toronto, at the Beverly Owens Project. the theme was 'Lust,' the first in a series of group shows surrounding the theme of the seven deadly sins.

I really need to thank Beverly and Michelle for always being lovely and encouraging me. participating in this was a great experience, I learned so much! really excited to see how this project evolves over seven shows.

just two 10"x10" acrylic and ink on board.
I focused on what you might call... self-lust... and certainly the need to explore it.


I'm... pretty... pret-t-t-ty sure

most problems can be solved by
1) cookies
2) paper clips (pictured: distorted paper clip in shape of heart)
3) procrastination (not pictured: so you think you can dance)

I guess arting gets some credit too


mother dearest

breaking away from sparkles and unicorns to bring something for the boys


ted talks

watching things on screens, and drawing some of the people in the things I'm watching to validate the time spent. practicing doing this without hitting the pause button (TEMPTRESS).
I watch a lot of TED talks. I think it's probably because they're AMAZING!!!


hell yes. have some becks.

new leaf

school's over and that's really wicked.

I've got a huge list of goals for this summer. lots work, lots of places to get myself to before I hit fourth year. things to explore, plateaus, breakthroughs, stuff to rule out. I got some good advice in my final crits, the last and most valuable bit I think to just DO ART a LOT and take a break from being all about doing it for everyone else. I've been good and receptive and kept my ears wide open since I started college, and learned more than ever! unfortunately though, you can only listen to everyone else's opinion for so long before you lose your direction. so focus, kate, and center!

I want to be more open and share more of my stuff. this blog has held a ridiculous kind of preciousness (like a really fancy sketchbook you can't bring yourself to touch) where I've been afraid to post a lot of things... things like this kind of blabbering on, or just sketches and doodles. fuck that noyes!

let's kick it off now: here's a throwback to sort of how I used to draw in highschool (i.e. colerase pencil, I found one in my drawer and thought I'd give er a go)