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new leaf

school's over and that's really wicked.

I've got a huge list of goals for this summer. lots work, lots of places to get myself to before I hit fourth year. things to explore, plateaus, breakthroughs, stuff to rule out. I got some good advice in my final crits, the last and most valuable bit I think to just DO ART a LOT and take a break from being all about doing it for everyone else. I've been good and receptive and kept my ears wide open since I started college, and learned more than ever! unfortunately though, you can only listen to everyone else's opinion for so long before you lose your direction. so focus, kate, and center!

I want to be more open and share more of my stuff. this blog has held a ridiculous kind of preciousness (like a really fancy sketchbook you can't bring yourself to touch) where I've been afraid to post a lot of things... things like this kind of blabbering on, or just sketches and doodles. fuck that noyes!

let's kick it off now: here's a throwback to sort of how I used to draw in highschool (i.e. colerase pencil, I found one in my drawer and thought I'd give er a go)

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