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"you take your fun very seriously"

my first group show in Toronto, at the Beverly Owens Project. the theme was 'Lust,' the first in a series of group shows surrounding the theme of the seven deadly sins.

I really need to thank Beverly and Michelle for always being lovely and encouraging me. participating in this was a great experience, I learned so much! really excited to see how this project evolves over seven shows.

just two 10"x10" acrylic and ink on board.
I focused on what you might call... self-lust... and certainly the need to explore it.


Skim said...

very nice stuff! you go to Sheridan?

kate noyes said...

wow! thank you! I think your drawings are absolutely wonderful, so I'm very flattered!

I do go to Sheridan, I'm in 4th year Illustration. my buddy Ben Thomas has informed me that you do too! well how about that!

SANJU! said...

these are my favourite

chantal said...

good stuff kate! i really enjoyed this post :)

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